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The following is part two (of three) of Titan Team player Jan Bjoersland’s experiences playing poker at the Dusk Till Dawn card room in Nottingham, January 8 – 10, 2010.


On Saturday the 9th we started off with 10K chips, blinds at 25-50, and 274 players. 27 got paid.


Level 1(25-50): Raise UTG 175. Re-raise from me in 6th position with AK. Flop: 2s 4s QD. Check-check. KC on the turn. Check-check. Check and 300 from me makes him fold. Next hand I have K5S in the BB. Three limpers and the pot is checked to the river when a KD hits the board. One guy tries to bluff the pot with 300 and mucks when I call him.


Level 1: 55 on the button. Three limpers and I raise to 175. Flop: 2D 4C 8S. A nice flop for a pair of 5’s so I take down the pot with a small continuation bet.


Level 2 (50-100): AKS on the button. Loose guy on my right makes it 500 to play so instead of getting tricky I flat call him. Flop: AS KC 2D – can’t complain with that board. He leads out with 600. I am thinking he might have a weaker ace and give him a chance to pair up on the turn so I make the call. 2S on the turn. No danger there. He bets 1000 now and I raise to make it 2000. He calls of course. Now I know for a fact that he has an ace, but probably a weak one. He then checks and calls my 1200 value bet on the river! A nice start!


Level 3: Limping in from fourth position with A7off. Five guys join the party and the flop comes: JS AC 4D. Check check-check-check and 600 from the dealer. I raise to 1500 and the pot is mine.


Break. Level 4 (150-300) will kick in soon and I have 13K with an average of 11500 chips.


Level 4: KK in the BB. Fifth position makes it 850 and gets one caller. With 200 already in the middle I pop it and make it 2200 to play. To my surprise they both fold.


Level 5: 55 in 4th pos so I limp in. Two players choose to see the flop as well. KD QS 6D. I lead out with 500 and the button calls. Another king on the turn and it goes check-check. 4 on the river and since I can’t put him on a hand I bet 1500, making him fold. He might have had an open straight draw with TJ.


Level 6 (300-600 50 ante): Q2off on the button. Fifth position limps and I decide to make a squeeze play and take down the blinds, the limpers 400 and the antes with a bet of 2600.


Level 7 (400-800 50 ante): 55 in the BB. Fourth togel onlineposition goes all in with 4600. Folded to me and after a while I decide to look him up. He’s got KJ. My pocket pair take the heat and he’s out of the tournament. Break now and I have 19,000 chips with an average of 15,600. 172 out of 274 players are left.


Level 8 (600-1200 100 ante): AKS in the SB. Seventh position makes it 2200 to play. Suspecting that he’s only after the blinds and antes I make it 6000 and he folds immediately.


Level 8: All in UTG from a short stack with 2200 chips. I call with AQs. Sixth position moves all in with another 7000 chips leaving me with a tough decision. I don’t like playing big pots with AQ but I figure that I am priced in and will have over 11,000 left if I loose the pot. I call and my suspicion is confirmed. The first guy has T9s and the other guy AK. No queen on the flop and I am down to 11K. Could have avoided the mistake but I put him on a pair and then I couldn’t figure out the math to fold my hand….:o).


Level 9 (800-1600 200 ante): A3 in the BB. Two limpers and I check to see KD 6S 3C on the board. Fire out 2600 and pick up the pot. 136 players left. Average is 19,000 and I have 13,600. Still in with a chance.


Level 10 (1500-3000 300): Moved to a new table. TT in the BB. Button moves all in with 26K and I instant call to find out that he has a pair of deuces. Double up to 26K!


Level 11 (2000-4000 400 ante): 76 players left. Average: 36K. My stack: 20K.


Level 12 (2500-5000 500 ante): I have 4500K on the button. Just under 1 BB!! All in of course and SB and BB look me up. I have T9off and with a board that shows 9 high I triple up. Mr. Short Stack is still in the game.


Level 13 (3000-6000 600 ante): J6off in the BB and I have 9K left. SB limps in….strange since I am so low on chips. Flop is: QD 10C 9D. He checks and I have to push all in with an open ended straight draw…and the SB calls. Still hanging on. 18K chips now. 47 players left.


Level 14 (4000-8000 800 ante): Q8 in the BB and with 1,5 BB left I call the SB’s raise. He has K8….and has me outkicked. With a 8 on the board but no queen I leave the tournament in 39th place, twelve places away from the money.