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New players Titan Casino Bonus

New players enjoy an 11% New Year Bonus at Titan Casino


Okay, so there’s nothing particularly exciting about the year 2011 on paper. It’s not like the year 2000 which was a true milestone. Even 2010 had its hype, as all round numbers do.


That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad year, or even an ordinary year – in fact, we’re pretty sure 2011 is going to be a fantastic year (there is of course another “auspicious” date of 11/11/11 coming up, after all). And nothing says happy New Year more than some extra money in hand.


To get this year started off right, we’re giving all new togel hongkong players an extra 11% bonus on their first deposit, in addition to our existing Welcome Bonus offer (which just so happens to be an astounding $4,000).


This New Year Bonus promotion is available to all new players throughout the entire month of January 2011.


Claiming your 11% extra casino bonus is easy. All you need to do is download our free casino software, open a casino account, make a deposit and contact our Customer Support team (by email, phone, or chat) with the bonus code 2011.


With this bonus money you can now play more casino games and win more cash prizes. Like we said, 2011 is destined to be great.




While many people are not sure what purpose the Joker card has, or in which card games it’s used, at Titan Casino the Joker’s mission is quite clear. He is visiting your inbox these days with one goal in mind – to spread the joy of casino bonuses.


If you’re a registered player then keep an eye on your inbox (if you haven’t yet registered, make sure to download Titan Casino today). In all likelihood you’ve already received an email introducing you to our brand new Joker Bonus.


While the Joker, of course, is all about fun and games, the Titan Casino Joker Bonus is serious business. Well at least for you.


Each time you receive one of our promotional emails make sure to scour the content for a Joker icon. If there is a Joker image in the email then hurry up and contact Support to receive a special, limited-time bonus.


There is no knowing when this fun loving character will visit your inbox, so you’ll need to stay alert and read all of our emails all the way through to ensure you don’t miss out on any bonus prizes.


If you’ve already signed up at Titan Casino, you should also make sure to follow our email filtering directions to make sure all of our promotional offers are making it to your inbox.


Good luck finding the Joker. May he bring you plenty of joy as he spreads the wealth!


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