Will the pin-up girl of the 90’s every leave poker alone?

Do we want her to?

Are you even looking at the words on this page?

Anyways. Moving right along.

Pamela Anderson is back haunting the QQWIN99 rooms of Las Vegas and apparently living her life according to yet another Hollywood script. Now whether the current script is Indecent Proposal or Honeymoon in Vegas is unclear. Rumors have it (that means Pamela actually say this to some tabloid reporter) that she dropped a bundle (or two?) at a Vegas poker table. A quarter of a million is the first number floated. The story sleazes on that a “famous poker player” offered to cover that debt if Ms. Anderson would let him cover her first.

doylepamFade to black or at least to a gauzey grey as the years creep up on all things silicon. Hmmm, maybe that would be ‘creep down”? Anyways, a few days later the happy couple are getting married. Til death do them part, unlike Pamela’s relationship with Doyle or Tommy or Kid Pebble. Don’t you just love these happy ending stories full of love, romance and commitment; not to mention quarter million dollar debts and borderline prostitution storylines.

Pamela’s disclosure came on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Pamela did not name the poker player in question but said:

“I was playing poker one night… and I was down about 250 grand. He said if I made out with him, that would clear the debt.” Yada, yada, yada… I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and I fell in love. It’s so romantic.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal speculates that Pam’s man is Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari,look for his bankroll to suffer and for his consumption of oysters to increase. However, insider information suggests that Rick Solomon is the more likely next Mr. Anderson, you remember Rick from the Paris Hilton tapes!

Pamela, herself, is nothing if not an entrepreneur, remember her last foray into the world of poker. Here’s hoping her current poker endeavors led to a more lasting union or at least a bigger payday.

United States Online Poker Ban Part XLVIII

A very good article in the Newsday this week came to the conclusion that the United States may have backed itself into a legal corner where either it must:

“Allow Americans to wager online with offshore casinos or ban all Internet gambling – including popular pastimes like fantasy sports leagues and off-track betting on horses.”

The problem, of course, is the interlatedness of the US ban and the international trade agreements that, in theory, open markets to everyone in every potential product arena.

The key to this dispute remains Antigua and Barbuda:

“the tiny twin-island nation of 80,000 people in the Caribbean, which could force the United States to reconsider laws prohibiting online wagering with offshore casinos.”

The WTO case is essentially over and only a penalty decision is left on the table.

“The organization’s credibility is on the line. It can’t risk the rap that it aggressively enforces trade rules against small nations but timidly allows the world’s economic powerhouse to skate.”

Rep. Barney Frank has said of his bill that would basically rescind the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act:

“It’s not dead. It’s not very active, it depends on whether or not there’s support. I don’t think there’s support for it yet.”